Mountain Wind Appaloos




                        Magic is a flea bitten grey Quarter Horse.  He stands 16 hands 1250 lbs.  He has a great intelligence and he has not a mean bone in his body. I bought his dam  when he was 3 mo old. I trained him myself  he rides English and Western.  I have done some dressage with him, you name it we have tried it and I must say he came out great. He has some fine old line Quarter horses in his background Peter McCue, Two Eyed Jack, Music Mount, Catechu, Pat Star, Joe Reed, Coke Waggoner, Joe Hancock, Oklahoma Star just to name a few.  Magic has been my buddy for 20 years, we trail ride, go to the parades and the beach ( Magic hates the beach its to much work ). Magic loves carrots and belly scratches.  Magic was never in a trailer, we rode everywhere we wanted to go but in 1996 when he was 7 yrs old and because he trusted me he walked right in and went for a full days ride to our current home. Magic has a bad knee so he is a bit more than semi retired but I do ride him for 10 to 15 min several days a week. His pedigree is in all breed  under MWA Magic Mischief









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