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In mid Oct Dud was cast in his stall he hurt his back and we made the decision to put him down. We know he was well over thirty . He is missed by his buddy Magic and us.

Dud is a 30 something Appaloosa he was given to us by a very good friend 10 years ago. He is 16 hands and 1200 lbs. Brian rode him until 2003 when we felt it was time to retire him. Dud is in great condition for an old horse he  does it all walks into a trailer, stands for the vet, has the greatest canter and knows the difference between someone who can ride and someone who can't,  He can out walk most younger horses even now.   We have no idea what his background is but whoever had him did a fine job of training (if you recognize him please contact us) he is out of WA. state. Dud has a strange side he likes berry pie, cabbage, turnips and he burps



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