Mountain Wind Appaloosa Ranch

  MWA Legacy's Snowman 

   AKA  JR.

     He is ApHC 90% FPD with horses such as Toby, Bear Paw, Rainy Moon,  Freel's Chico, Maize, Painters Pride, Storm Cloud F, Chocolate Sunday, Apollo, Golden Girlie  Red Eagle.  JR. is Brian's horse he is 5, 15.3 and 1250 lbs.  JR has had stifle problems otherwise we would have been riding at 3.  UPDATE : Brian has been riding JR and they are coming along nicely and  I am very proud of both of them they are really working as a team. Pedigree is at








UP DATE .. JR has been in training with Allen Hicks from Allen Hicks Training Stables .He has been out on the trail and is going well in the arena.


















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