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MWA Yakima Snoeagle





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  MWA Yakima SnoEagle, G3 a bright and sassy gelding . He is 90% FPD ApHC , Yak is an exceptionally nice horse and as his sister has exceeded my expectations.  At 16 hands and 1200 lbs he has TALENT TALENT TALENT.  Yak works on the lunge line at the walk, trot and canter and has also been ground driven. He also sets up for  halter, backs, ties, clips, loads and goes over all kinds of obstacles. Yak has become a great trail horse that anyone can ride .  He wants to learn and is a pleasure to work with. His strides are long and flowing and he has a great top line with a natural head position which has allowed  him to do all kinds of disciplines and he has been shown in halter, showmanship, pleasure and trail  and placed first or second in all.

Yak's Pedigree;;

His  Video...

YAK pulling a log


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