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OApBA Specialty Class
April 15  16, 2006
 Old Line in Hand  Age 3 and Over
The purpose of this class is to showcase horses of Old Line Appaloosa breeding that will be judged on their merits, not those of another Breed. 
This is a specialty class. No points will be earned for ApHC.
The horse must demonstrate that it has a) Quality of Movement, b) Expression, Attitude, and c) Manners, to be suitable for under saddle work.
Class will be judged as 45% Suitability and Versatility, 45% Movement, and 10 % Color, Characteristics and Manners.
Class Eligibility Requirements and Rules
This class is open to Old Line Appaloosa horses age 3 and over no stallions. An ApHC registration and typed four-generation pedigree, with numbers, 
for said horse must be submitted with pre-entry by April 2, 2006. Sire and Dam of said horse will be counted as first generation. 
Said horse can have only one non-Appaloosa in the third generation and no more than 4 non-Appaloosas, in the fourth generation. 
Said horse must have a minimum of 2 horses within the first four generations with an ApHC # of 70,000 or less. Horses with a registration # of 70,000 
or less are considered 100%. Therefore, all horses contributing to a horse with a registration # of 70,000 or less will be considered eligible for the purposes
of this class. 
No Impressive breeding in the first 4 generations, regardless of meeting all other eligibility requirements.
No horses exhibiting Paint characteristics (which can include a bald face, blue or glass eye(s), white on the legs that comes up more than three inches 
below the knee or hock, and misplaced white).
No solid horses.
No artificial tail extensions.
Clipping for bridle path is required. Other clipping is optional.
Hoof polish is not required.
Natural mane, no banding.
No lip chains. 
A leather halter and lead or English bridle must be used. Silver is not required
Attire is as follows 
               When using a Halter 
                               Western hat, Western boots, Western cut shirt and/or coat
               When using an English bridle 
                               English boots, English shirt, and britches (English coat and helmet optional)
Class Description
Horse will enter at a walk to first cone. At first cone, trot over two poles to second cone. Stop. Back horse 4 steps, trot out to line, and set up for judges.
Premium for this show will be out sometime in late Jan. At that time, you can download it at
This message will be posted on my web page by this Thursday. If you have any questions or comment you can 
call me, Susan Heite, at 503-787-1316 or Email



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