Mountain Wind Appaloosa Ranch


Registered with ApHC  OApBA,

Is Sundance 500. ICAA, CRHA eligible

Shawnee is a 2002 mare 90% FPD (ApHC). She is a bay roan with color, conformation and at 14.3 h and a 1000 lbs she has great athletic ability. We believe Shawnee is one of the best working  PNW Foundation bred mares today. Shawnee has been coat color tested she is homozygous for Black with no modifiers.

                                 Her accomplishments are:

2003 OApBA Oregon Bred Yearling Fillies Champion

Harry Bartholomew Yearling Fillies Trophy

Champion Yearling Fillies

2004 Champion 2 yr old Oregon Bred Fillies

Champion 2yr old Fillies

Res Champion Foundation OApBA


2004 6th out of the top ten FPD mares in the nation

         2006 OApBA Saddle Log Champion  111 hours 6/26/06 to 12/15/06

         2007 OApBA Champion Working Cow Horse ( Team Penning )

                               Reserve Champion  Trail

                               Reserve Champion  Saddle Log

                                1st after reserve in Mares 3 and over

Shawnee has exceeded my expectations .  She has proven with good training that she is able to succeed  at halter, trail and team penning. Pedigree is at  

See a halter class with Shawnee....                            


   Filly 2 mo                   First show 1 year              at the beach



                                           2 years old


                               INCOGNITO HORSE


         got to go faster                                                      Please I want to play in the snow


                                                        On the Trail

She is a wonderful trail horse who is bright and aware all the time.

                               Shawnee team penning




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