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Goals, Controversies and Registries

       What is a Pacific Northwest Appaloosa? This is a horse that is bred in the PNW. We believe some of the the horses bred here carry blood from the Palouse Appaloosa. These Appaloosas are some of the first to be registered with ApHC.

             Our goal at Mountain Wind is to produce Appaloosa to Appaloosa horses with as many of the first 4932 horses that are Pacific Northwest bred as possible and that can do any discipline of work we require of it. As we stated on our front page the versatility of the Appaloosa horse has been over shadowed by issues that have plagued the horse from its beginning. The goals the founders of the ApHC set have veered  off course. We believe what made the horse so appealing,  was the history, color patterns and its versatility. The problems stem not only from the regular Appaloosa ( who many people say are stubborn, big headed and  by the way that comes from the Standardbred not a draft as many believe ) who I believe given the right training can do anything, but from within the show ring also. We have gone from a show ring full of color and ability to solid horses ( the first stud book states horses must be recognizable as Appaloosas from the grandstand of an arena about 50 feet )  that resemble the Quarter Horse type and very few show in performance classes.

             We must set high standards for our horses and get them seen in the public eye as being correct in conformation, well trained, well groomed  horses that can do anything.  We believe its more important  to breed  horses that have consecutive generations and  many F numbered horses in their pedigrees that have PNW ties than what percentage (%) of F#  horses are in it.

    The ApHC has 2 programs  Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD )means A horse must have a minimum of 73% (22) of its ancestors in the preceding four (4) generations must be registered with the ApHC  2. There must be a minimum of three (3) of these ancestors on both sire and dam sides of the pedigree. 3. Any and all ‘F’ numbered horses within the preceding four (4) generations of the applicant horse’s pedigree are to be considered 100% for FPD purposes, regardless of the parentage of the ‘F’ numbered horses ) . The Generation Advancement Program ( GAP ) requirements are , the sire and dam of applicant horse must have four (4) complete generations of ApHC-registered Appaloosa horses in their pedigrees according to ApHC records. There can be no unknown, unregistered, or non-Appaloosa horses in their four (4) generation pedigrees, no matter where the placing of a Foundation (F) horse with unregistered or undocumented parentage may fall in said pedigree ) . The GAP program has its problems, there is no requirement for at least 1 F#  ( F stands for  Foundation bloodstock or foundation stock these are horses that are the progenitor, or foundation, of a new horse breed or a given bloodline within a breed.  A group of animals collectively may be referred to as foundation bloodstock when one breed, or group of breeds, provides the underlying genetic base for a new breed)  horse to be in the horses pedigree so you could have a 8 generation horse that goes to another breed if you have no F# horses which means this horse is just a papered horse not a Purebred. This is why when using the GAP program it is important if you are breeding for a purebred to have as many F# horses as possible in the pedigree.



There are several different splinter registries some are generational registries with no tie to blood and others are blood and generational but who's numbers are higher for their base than the 4392 F# horses in ApHC. Some splinter groups also use said horse as first generation not the parents which allows for an extra generation. So a 4 generation horse in ApHC would be a 5 generation horse in these splinter groups. But once again it depends on how you view a horses pedigree.

         Some splinter groups are :

                                     IPAA: A blood registry who has a generation requirement along with a 75% blood requirement. ( they use the said horse as first generation and the use 139,999 horses)

                                    FAHR: a generational registry who requires that 75% of the horses be Appaloosa in 5 generations ( they use the said horse as first generation and use the first 69,999 horses)

                                    ICAA :  based on how many entire generations are registered Appaloosas. Example F1, F2, F3, ECT.

                                   Colorado Ranger Horse :  A blood registry to the stallions Max and Patches.


                               Sundance 500: Is dedicated to promoting the bloodlines of Appaloosa Hall of Fame stallion Sundance F-500

                                   Appaloosa Sport Horse Association:  This association promotes Appaloosas and Appaloosa crosses in "Sport Horse Events".


       The   ApHC was founded  to preserve the Appaloosa Horse  so lets keep it APPALOOSA TO APPALOOSA.









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