Mountain Wind Appaloosas

RHA Malheur Rainy CC

FOR SALE    $2,500


 Rainy is a 5 yr old buckskin Leopard, 14.2 and 1000 lbs she is 100% FPD  4 generations of Appaloosa breeding.
Rainy  has a big hip and butt, long well defined straight legs, a  well defined chest, and  bright nicely set eyes. Rainy has good ground manners and is an easy keeper. This mares pedigree is full of using horses such as  Chief  Malheur, Sundance, Nugget Jim, Toby, Navajo Britches, Bambi E, Joker B, Prince Plaudit.

Rain's pedigree:...

 UPDATE:  Rainy is doing well at the shows .She is very well behaved and all our work is paying off.

          Accomplishments....OApBA 2007 Champion Yearling Halter Fillies

                                                                   Reserve Champion In Hand Trail



    Allen Hicks from Allen Hicks Training Stable 

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